Showing hidden and *nix files on OSX Finder

Coming to OSX from a Linux background it struck me hard that there isn’t a single Finder preference/option to allow me to see files starting with a dot (hidden files) in Finder listings. Knowing that this is probably due to security concerns that not-so-advanced users will mess up their whole system, nevertheless i believe Finder should provide this option. I’m used to the great Xubuntu where i simply press Ctrl+h to enable or disable viewing the hidden files, this might not sound like it but for me this is a real productivity booster.

Although i couldn’t find such a perl in OSX i did however find on google a way to allow me to view those pesky files with Finder.

Fire up a terminal session and type the following command:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Then simply hold down Option and click on the Finder icon until it the context menu shows up and then select relaunch. Voilá, if everything went ok nest time you open finder it should show all those files for you.

Edit: Apparently this limitation doesn’t exist anymore in Snow Leopard but since i still haven’t managed to install it on my laptop i have no way of being sure.

LGE-500 Hackintosh

I always wanted to give Apple’s OsX a test-drive, it always appealed to me as the best looking Operating System out there but i would never throw away all that money without first giving it a real test-drive. When some of my colleagues got their hands on their macbooks and started bragging about how great it was, making fun about everyone else at the office, i decided i really had to give it a try. I had already heard several stories about people successfully installing OsX on regular PC’s and since i couldn’t really spend the bucks to get the real thing i had to give it a try.
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