Road to OSCP (part I)

Hi guys, this is my first port on the “Road to OSCP” series. I’ve been trying to find the time to go through the Offensive Security labs but so far have purchased 3-4 lab extensions but never got the time to go through. This time I’m really committed and in one way or another I will find the time to do the labs.

I’ve just decided to start writing about the OSCP journey because I’m on my 16th day of lab access but haven’t really spent that much time on the labs. Hopefully I will feel ashamed by putting this info online and will work harder.

Nevertheless, I have just pawned my first box in the OSCP labs. I must say I was for 3 days around it and it’s really simple stuff. To be honest as I’ve read we can only use metasploit for 1 box during the OSCP exam, I am doing all my best to try and hack the labs resorting the least I can to metasploit. It feels really¬† good to pawn a box by your own means instead of just relying on automatic tools, still a lot more work too.


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